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oit-loginCan any file be stored using Organiseit?

Yes - scanned files, Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, E-mails, PowerPoint presentations, Graphics, etc., they can all be stored in their native formats within Organiseit.

How do I store paper documents such as receipts and invoices electronically?

You achieve this by scanning all paper documents via a scanner and storing them into the Organiseit please see our products page for our range of scanners available.

Can I password protect the database and individual files?

Yes. Organiseit is a secure database and access to files can be restricted and file visits logged with a fully integrated audit trial.

Is Organiseit Legally Compliant?

The Australian designed Organiseit system is both ATO and ASIC compliant and fulfills all Australian auditing protocol obligations. It is also compliant with Australia's Imaging and privacy Act.

How long does it take to learn Organiseit software?

Not long! The Organiseit interface is very intuitive and similar to the Windows Explorer environment. We provide training when implementing the software. We also have a comprehensive support area on this web site with short video tutorials.

Can I give my accountant a copy of my files onto CD?

Yes. By simply exporting required areas of the database to a CD-ROM or other storage device, your accountant can browse your records in their own time, at their own location.

I travel interstate and overseas on a regular basis. Can I access my files back at the office?

Yes. Organiseit’s database(s) can be located anywhere; such as internal Local Area Network, Wide Area Network that supports Internet compliant protocols, and across the Internet.



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